Fertility tracker Ovuline teams with Fitbit, Withings

Faith Merino · May 9, 2013 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/2f65

The data-driven fertility monitor unveils updated Smart Fertility product

The quantified self movement is picking up steam. In the last week alone, Fitbit has revealed its newest product, the Flex, and Jawbone has acquired BodyMedia. Now, Ovuline, the health monitoring service for fertility, is partnering with Fitbit and Withings and releasing a brand new version of its Smart Fertility product.

Arriving just in time for Mother’s Day, Ovuline’s new, revamped Smart Fertility product comes with a bevy of new features, including an interactive timeline that allows users to see their personal data, a personalized health plan, and integration with devices from Fitbit and Withings. Smart Fertility also offers real-time feedback on your unique cycle and lifestyle information. For example, a user can enter her emotional state and physical symptoms, and Ovuline will update her fertility score and prediction in real-time, providing her with personalized advice, charts, and analysis.

The Lightbank-backed company, which raised $1.4 million back in January, is more sciency than your run-of-the-mill fertility tracking app. Ovuline users conceive three times faster than the national average, and the company says that the average Ovuline user will conceive within the first 56 days of signing up.

The key to the site’s success is the fact that it tailors the experience to each individual user. Included in the package is a fertility kit, which includes a basal thermometer, 10 ovulation predictor tests, two pregnancy tests, fertility supplements, and more. As you begin tracking your fertility signs and sharing the data with Ovuline, the site’s algorithms become attuned to your cycle and will pinpoint your fertile window.

Now the company is upping the ante with partnerships with Fitbit and Withings to help users track their health metrics.

“Lifestyle factors such as sleep, nutrition, activity and weight all play a part in a woman's overall health, which directly affects her fertility (more than she might realize),” said Ovuline CEO Paris Wallace. “Ovuline members track these metrics so they can identify ways to improve their fertility and identify patterns in their health that may influence ovulation.”

For example, weight can play a critical role in a woman’s chances of conceiving. One study found that among obese women, the chances of conceiving were 26% lower than women with normal BMIs.  

Later this year, Ovuline will be launching its pregnancy tracker app, which will track a user’s health metrics throughout her pregnancy, including weight, nutrition, physical symptoms, sleep, and emotional well-being. 


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Ovuline is the first health IT company to bring big data and machine learning to the fertility and pregnancy space, helping couples get pregnant faster and have healthier pregnancies. By using a combination of big data, machine learning and mobile health tracking devices, Ovuline’s new Smart Fertility™ product understands a woman’s unique cycle and predicts when she is most fertile. Ovuline’s Smart Fertility™ and Pregnancy Tracker products were developed with the help of Harvard scientists, fertility experts and moms across the country. The company completed Boston Techstars in November 2012 and is venture-backed by Lightbank, LionBird, Launch Capital and Techstars founder and CEO David Cohen. For more information, visit http://ovuline.com