Guavus purchases Neuralitic Systems

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Networks analytics provider Guavus will be able to offer end-to-end analytics to carriers

Networks analytics provider Guavus has gone and purchased marketing analytics company Neuralitic Systems it was announced late Wednesday.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The financial transaction closed on December 5 of last year, and the acquisition is effective immediately. As part of the deal, Guavus global headquarters will remain in San Mateo, California and the company will gain international offices in Montreal, Singapore and London, with research and development offices in Gurgaon and Ahmedabad, India. Neuralitic Systems will be integrated into Guavus.

Guavus provides analytics and insights into network data, helping carriers save money by optimizing network capacity. Neuralitic offers analytics into mobile marketing, providing nsights into subscribers’ mobile data consumption for marketing decision makers. 

With Guavus and Neuralitic Systems coming together,  Louis Brun, founder of Neuralitic Systems, who will now serving as Senior Vice President at Guavus says that, Guavus will become the first analytics company to provide end-to-end analytics to carriers and big communications service providers. By merging, carriers will have access data that will help them with timely decision making in engineering, customer care, and marketing.

"Guavus will now be able to bridge the gap between marketing insights and network insights," Brun said. "It will become the leading provider for communication service providers."

The two companies have combined to raise around $100 million and Brun says that this puts Guavus in a "very solid position to continue expansion and growth."

Neuralitic Systems already had live deployments in Asia, and is beginning solutions trials in other parts of Asia and Europe, beginning in Singapore. The trails are expected to be over by the end of the year, Brun said. 

San Mateo, California-based Guavus was founded in February 2006. The company has raised a total of $78 million, including a $30 million round earlier this month, led by Investor Growth Capital (IGC), with participation from QuestMark Partners and existing investors Artiman Ventures, Sofinnova Ventures and Intel Capital.

Guavus' platform  focused on carriers and big communications service providers. It takes in the data, applies intelligent algorithms to it and allows companies to discover insights, including where there is high stress on data, where to improve service, coverage and bandwidth.

While there are other companies in the same space,  Louis Brun, founder of Neuralitic Systems, who will now serving as Senior Vice President at Guavus, calls them "pretenders," and say that what separates Guavus is its carrier grade solution, which is what allows users to still have reception even during storms and blackouts.

In addition, Brun cites Guavus' patents which "show unique way to correlate data in real time," and the company's understanding and expertise in the domain as reasons it will dominate its rivals.

“In today’s fast paced environment where new smartphones come and go in a quarter, businesses cannot afford to wait to integrate disparate tools or invest in expensive BI projects to get access to valuable insights,” Anukool Lakhina, founder and CEO of Guavus, said in a statement.

“Businesses need to know in the now so they can make more intelligent and timely decisions across line of business functions. With the addition of Neuralitic, Guavus now has a holistic data fabric that provides integrated decision making across network, marketing, and customer care, and enables the creation of data-driven business processes to deliver & optimize the right service at the right time.”

Montreal-based Neuralitic Systems was founded in 2007. The company has raised $20 million, most recently raising an $8 million Series B in January 2011, from Export Development Canada, with participation from all existing investors BlackBerry Partners Fund, BDC Venture Capital, Vertex Venture Capital and GO Capital LP.

The company specializes in marketing analytics for carriers, helping them determine which devices are used on a network in specific areas on the network. This helps the carriers leverage their marketing campaigns better, by giving them greater insight into the behaviors of their customers, Brun says.


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