Winners in the Kayak IPO

Faith Merino · July 20, 2012 · Short URL:

General Catalyst Partners, Sequoia, Accel, and Oak Investment make out big

Kayak made its public splash today and several key players emerged victorious.  Closing at $33.18 a share—27% more than its starting price of $26, Kayak now has a valuation of over $1 billion.  The stock saw a midday high of $35.  With 3.5 million shares up for grabs, the company was looking to raise $91 million.

The company’s investors include General Catalyst Partners, Sequoia Capital, Accel Partners, and Oak Investment Partners. 

General Catalyst Partners: With just north of 10.4 million shares—or 27% of the company’s stock, General Catalyst Partners came out on top.  Its share of Kayak is now worth more than $343 million. General Catalyst Partners got involved early on and was one of the first investors, participating in Kayak’s $8.5 million Series A round alongside AOL.  Later, General Catalyst participated in Kayak’s $7 million B round. (Partner Joel Cutler pictured at left.)


Sequoia Capital: Sequoia participated in Kayak’s Series B and D rounds and now claims 16% of the company with some 6.2 million shares.  Now Sequoia’s share is worth $204 million. (Partner Michael Moritz pictured at right.)





Accel Partners: Accel jumped on the Kayak bandwagon during its Series C and D rounds for 4.8 million shares, or 12% of the company.  Those shares are now worth $158 million. (Partner Harry Nelis pictured at left.)




Oak Investment Partners:  Oak participated in Kayak’s Series D round and now owns 4.1 million shares worth $135.3 million.



Steve Hafner: CEO Steve Hafner owns 2.35 million shares, or 6.10% of the company.  His share is now worth $77.5 million.



Paul English: CTO Paul English owns approximately three million shares, or 7.87% of the company—which is now worth $99 million.


Terrell Jones: The founder and former CEO of Travelocity, who is now chairman of the Kayak board, claims 291,500 shares, which are now ringing in at $9.6 million.

Robert Birge: CMO Robert Birge owns 206,259, which are not worth $6.8 million.



Karen Ruzik Klein: General Counsel Karen Klein owns 186,550 shares now worth $6.1 million.

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