Kindle Fire is dominating other Android tablets

Steven Loeb · April 26, 2012 · Short URL:

Amazon has over 50% of the Android market; no other tablet even comes close

A new report detailing how big a share of the market each Android tablet had in February just came out, and one tablet is standing head and shoulders above the competition.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet now makes up more than 50% of the Android tablet market, according to a comScore report released Thursday.

The Kindle Fire now accounts for 54. 4% of the market, nearly double the 29.4% share it had in December.

Just how badly is Amazon crushing the competition? It’s barely even a fight at this point.

The Kindle Fire’s biggest rival is the Samsung Galaxy Tab Family, which holds 15.4% of the market, a number which is actually down from the 19.1% it had last month. In fact, only one other Android tablet did not see a loss in market share last month: the Asus Transformer, which rose to 6.3% from 6.2%. 

Other than the Kindle and the Galaxy Tab, not one other Android-based tablet has even a 10% share.

The Kindle Fire was released in November 2011, and immediately became Apple’s chief rival for control of the tablet market. Within a week it was the No. 2 tablet on the market, with ad growth in its first month outpacing that of the iPad during its initial launch in 2010.

Thanks to the release of the Kindle Fire, which sold more than four million units in December 2011, Android tablets made a big dent in the market last year, more than tripling the number of tablets sold to 10.5 million from 3.1 million, and also gaining 10% more of the global marketshare.

Android vs. Apple

Android stills lags behind Apple, which owned nearly 60% of the total tablet market in Q4 2011, even though that number was down around 10% from the same quarter the year before. Apple sold 15.4 million units in that quarter, compared to 10.5 for all Android tablets combined.

Amazon is clearly the preferred Android tablet at the moment, but it might have some extra competition soon, as reports are coming out about a possible Google tablet being launched this summer. Whether a Google tablet would boost the overall Android market, or just cut into sales from Amazon, remains to be seen.

The comScore report also notes that tablets with the largest screens have the most page views and that AT&T is the preferred choice in three of the top five states, with Verizon holding on to the other two.

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