Path.To launches to match job seekers with employers

Faith Merino · April 24, 2012 · Short URL:

The startup helps applicants and employers find their ideal matches

Do you know why I was such a horrible Starbucks barista back in college?  It’s because no matter how many times I was reprimanded for it, I just couldn’t muster the energy to talk to customers.  There are only so many times in your life when you can ask with genuine enthusiasm, “Don’t you LOVE fall?!!” and “Isn’t Christmas the BEST?!!”  I was also chronically late for my shifts by exactly one minute (because I would sit in my car and read until the exact minute I was supposed to clock in).  I was—as they would say—a bad fit.

I’ve heard many a CEO make the claim that the most important factor to take into consideration when hiring a new employee is fit.  Zappos’ Tony Hsieh is one of the best known proponents of the crucial importance of company culture. 

So to avoid the employee who can’t scrounge up enough interest in work to show up a minute earlier, Path.To has launched as a sort of eHarmony for employers and potential employees.  The site helps job seekers and employers in the interactive design, software engineering, and IT professions find compatible matches using the Path.To Score, a ranking system that analyzes the applicant, the business, and the position to determine whether they’re compatible.

Additionally, the company announced that it has raised $1.5 million from Adecco.

The startup is currently live in the Bay Area and features jobs from over 100 companies, including VMware, Twilio, and Uber.  It will expand throughout 2012 to include Chicago and New York.

“Companies succeed based on the strength of their designers and software engineers but it is difficult for employers to get a visual understanding of a candidate’s work and skills from traditional recruiting processes,” said CEO Darren Bounds, in a statement. “ acts as an intelligent filter that matches companies to the top talent that is so essential for their growth.”

The Path.To Score takes a number of variables into account, including the applicant’s skills and experience, personality, and the applicant’s Facebook and Twitter activity (yep, ladies, time to take down your wedding photos so that potential employers don’t do the lady math: new husband= wants lotsa babies right NOW).  All of that info is boiled down into a compatibility score to determine whether the applicant fits the company’s culture and needs.

So if you want to save yourself the heartache of another painful work breakup, sign up at Path.To and find your match.

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