Catch Chairman Steve Brown speaks with Bambi Francisco

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Catch is a way to capture and collaborate on your ideas

If you're like most people (and me), managing photos, personal notes about life situations or events takes everything from Word documents, various photo and personal-management applications and post-it notes. Yes, I still use those. 

One company that can handle this management is Catch, a start-up founded in 2008. Today, Catch has half a million monthly users and 230,000 daily active users, mainly on the Android device. It's free to download on both iPhone and iOS under Catch Notes. Catch is also a collaboration tool, which is starting to be used increasingly by small businesses. Recently, I sat down with Steve Brown,  Chairman and co-founder of Catch. Watch the interview to learn how Catch is being used and Brown's plans for monetization, and how he sees Catch compared to Evernote.

At the time of this interview, Brown was the CEO. 



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Founded in 2008, Catch is a San Francisco-based technology company focused on building mobile applications that help active and creative people to be more productive. A leader in the Android apps market, millions of people worldwide have downloaded its mobile applications, which include Catch, AK Notepad, and Compass. The company’s flagship application, Catch, is a mobile productivity tool for your smartphone (Android or iPhone), tablet or computer. It captures and organizes your thoughts, memories and the ideas that matter most to you and stores them in the cloud for safekeeping and collaboration. Catch has raised over $8 million to date with Excel Venture Management, Greylock Discovery Fund, WTI and angels.


Steve Brown

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Steve is founder of Ignite Channel, a media company focused on arts and innovation.