Moxie adds customer-centric enterprise software: Spaces

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New Moxie software, Spaces, aims to make communication in the company, to customers easier

Enterprise communication and collaboration software company Moxie Software announced Wednesday that it is launching a new enterprise communication system to help break down the walls that separate different departments.

The new service, called Spaces, is a customer-centric enterprise social software suite that brings customer communications into the employee collaboration applications.

So the next time you have a question to ask an enterprise you interact with, you just might get better responses faster since it will be directed to the best person and most available person to deal with your query specifically (rather than get bounced around, lost and lay unanswered in a junk-mail box).

Moxie already works on more than 270 million social enterprise interactions each month, between phone calls, online chats, customer emails and social networking communications.

The world of enterprise software to aid in communication has been big business lately, from the continued funding going to Yammer to the recent IPO of Jive Software, but the trick has to been to provide a comprehensive and adaptable solution that any business would want to fold into their existing enterprise entities.

Moxie believes that it has created that software that is highly customizable and easy to use with already existing programs so that it requires almost no training to get running.

I caught up with Nikhil Govindaraj, the vice president of products with Moxie, who explained how easy it is to bring Moxie Spaces into any business looking for better communication tools.

“We know how hard it is for big enterprises to effectively talk with all the members of the company and the clients on so many platforms so we have created a software that is easy to expand out to each business need,” said Govindaraj.

Founded in 2007, with at least $10 million in VC funding, Moxie wants to keep its core values firmly in creating an easy way to crowd-source and deploy solutions that area tailored for each business.

Many B2C services already use Moxie solutions including ING, Nutrisystem, AOL, Skype, Dell, Toyota and eBay, and Moxie hopes that Space will not only help these companies but also entice more companies to try some or all of the new elements they have created.


The new service Moxie is bringing onboard will enables cross-departmental collaboration for customer service, IT, HR, sales and marketing to ensure accurate and efficient customer communications across. 

“The biggest challenge CEOs face today is getting their enterprises closer to their customers,” said Tom Kelly president and CEO of Moxie Software.  “To provide real benefits, enterprise social technology must deliver real customer value. Our suite makes it easier for organizations to find and deliver the right answer to customers through their channel of choice.”

Where Jive and Yammer has focused on employee engagement and Yammer, Litium and RightNow have focused more on customer engagement, Moxie hopes it has struck the right balance in total communication for each B2C business.

With Jive hitting a $1B market cap, it is easy to see the impact of enterprise social software technology in the marketplace and the demand for better tools to allow inter-office and B2C communication to improve.



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