The Startup Network

Rachel Barge · March 5, 2012 · Short URL:

How a strong network can energize a startup.

All startups have a problem: they're under-resourced. At Greenstart, we help our startups combat these constraints with a simple solution: build a powerful Network.

Our newest video shows how startups that leverage a network for wisdom, introductions, and help - can go from being a small team to a supercharged community.

The Startup Network from Greenstart on Vimeo.

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The world’s dependence on fossil fuels is one of our generation’s most pressing issues. It’s contributing to a global environmental crisis, threatening US national security, and triggering resource wars around the world.

Entrepreneurs have demonstrated their unique ability to improve the world in profound ways. To respond to this urgent crisis, the world needs a wave of entrepreneurs dreaming and building innovative new startups focused on the expansion of renewable energy and reduction of dirty energy.

We are entrepreneurs ourselves. We love startups and care deeply about the global energy crisis. We want to help accelerate this new wave of entrepreneurship and innovation. Launching a startup accelerator for cleantech is the perfect mix of what we love to do, what we care deeply about, and what we’re good at. Our goal is to help more than 500 cleantech startups launch more successfully over the next decade.