Making Big Data Work For You

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How can your company effectively leverage big data? Attend Structure:Data and learn how.

Are you sitting on unmined gold? As the volume of enterprise data created has moved past terabytes and into the petabyte scale, companies need to determine the best way to store, manage and analyze all that information. Attend Structure:Data and learn how.

Structure:Data will bring together forward thinking business leaders, technologists and practitioners to examine the new business opportunities created by the staggering growth of big data, data analysis, and storage needs.

Now a two-day conference, Structure:Data’s main themes include:

  • Infrastructure: Is your data in the cloud, on hard drives or network storage? All will be examined as potential repositories, as well as the big question: Who’s going to make it work?
  • Algorithms: The value in big data is in how your data processes it. Lets take a look at algorithms built on top of Hadoop and other big data tools, from slicker recommendation engines to machine-learning and predictive analytics.
  • Startups: A whole new crop of solutions are entering the market from big data’s disruptive young upstarts. See them here first. 
  • Putting data to work”: Companies will talk about the benefits of big data strategy, solutions for their industries and how they are delivering new products to their customers.

We’re proud to welcome top executives from leading companies to our stage, just a few of whom include:

  • Elizabeth Charnock, CEO, Cataphora
  • Jeremy Howard, President and Chief Scientist, Kaggle
  • George John, CEO, Rocket Fuel
  • Mok Oh, Chief Scientist, PayPal
  • Bill Schmarzo, CTO and Global Competency Lead, EMC

Check out the full lineup of our stellar speakers here.

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