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The next big idea: social TV

Reena Jadhav talks to Neal Hansch of Rustic Canyon about what ideas he's looking to invest in

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January 2, 2012
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Rustic Canyon is a classic early-stage investor, putting in as little as $50,000 into two guys and a napkin, and investing all the way up to $10 million rounds. Their sweet spot is Series A and B. Reena Jadhav sat down with Neal Hansch, a partner at Rustic Canyon Ventures, at Vator Splash L.A and got his thoughts on where he sees opportunities to invest.

Neal likes the idea of "social TV" and the new technologies that can allow viewers to interact socially via iPads or computers to enjoy a TV show or game. He also points to interactive commerce as an area of interest. So, if you have technologies that can enable people to buy Kim Kardashian's dress while you're watching her reality show, get in touch with Neal. 

You can contact Neal via Vator.


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