BlogTV seeks to raise more funds

Bambi Francisco Roizen · October 1, 2008 · Short URL:

User-generated site's founder says adoption is surging

Oren Levy, founder and CTO of BlogTV, says that the company's site is focused exclusively on letting users broadcast their own video content live on the Web.

The long tail may see fewer viewers of each video, but can make up for it by the sheer volume of content, according to Levy.

Growth has picked up, Levy says, with 60,000 of BlogTV's 300,000 users signing up in August. Most of those users are between 19 and 30 years old and upload between four and six videos per month.

Founded in 2006 and now at 25 employees, the company is looking to raise another VC funding round.

As it does, VCs will surely be asking how it plans to set itself apart in a crowded field where YouTube dominates viewing of user-generated content and a long list of startups, including, YourTruman Show and NowLive let users broadcast live Web content. 

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Founded in June 2006, is a leader in online video and live broadcasting, and is a new and popular web location where viewers from all over the world can come share their personal talents and opinions; LIVE! Unlike some of its competitors, is extraordinarily easy to navigate, which means that no matter who you are or where you come from you will be able to use and enjoy all of blogTV's features.

BlogTV is a well recognized platform that has won several awards worldwide including the GSM "Best Made for Mobile" award in Barcelona, and the GMCA "New Trend Leader" award at the Seoul digital forum. The live interactive video site,, has been very successful in Israel since 2004. Within the first 11 months of its launch, blogTV's unique community grew to an astonishing 130000 users! At its current acquisition rate,'s growth in the coming months will be exponential and something for its competitors to keep a close eye on.

Due to the variety of broadcasting tools provided by the wonderful blogTV programming staff, any person with a lap top or PC and a webcam is only seconds away from having their very own live broadcasts, recorded videos and television style scheduled programming! Now everyone can feel like a star, create a fan base and tell the world who they are and what they are all about!



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NowLive operates as a media network and technology platform for live interactive shows. The company's innovative Social Broadcasting platform eliminates the cost and complexity of creating and distributing live broadcasts that have kept "big" media companies in control of the $180b a year market. The platform's elegant integration of social networking elements allows these live broadcasts to become highly interactive social events for the audience and hosts. Since launching in March 2007, the company has proved user demand, scalability and integration of the platform and has now clarified its business model.




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YourTrumanShow’s network empowers users and communities to use online video to tell their stories, share their lives and watch, rate and review other people's lives.

Our embeddable Videomap navigator for Facebook, Myspace, and other social networks, creates a visual map of connected people and videos across social networks, allowing users to discover and consume content whithout leaving their favorite web sites.
By bringing together user generated media, content distribution and social discovery, YourTrumanShow delivers advertisers better reach and targeting of those audiences that traditional online advertising can no longer deliver.
With headquarters in San Francisco and a development team in Turin, Italy, Your Truman Show, Inc. was founded in 2006, by Arturo Artom and Luca Ferrero. The company is privately held.

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