Google+ enhances Pages for marketers and brands

Bambi Francisco Roizen · December 19, 2011 · Short URL:

For consumers, Google+ also adds new upgrades to photo service and new 'volume control'

A month after releasing Pages for brands, Google is adding some new enhancements for marketers and advertisers to better interact with their customers.

Among the new features is a way for up to 50 managers to act as administrators for a page. While this may sound trivial, an ability to easily add multiple admins is a much-needed feature. Google also released a new notification service to help managers stay on top of conversations. Google will also show an aggregated count of users that have engaged with the page. This way those who view the page can also see who's interacting with it.

Here's a video tutorial about it:  

For consumers, one interesting feature is called "volume control." This feature is not, however, something you use to turn down sound.

This new addition allows consumers to control their streams, particularly when one person in their feed tends to add most of the content. Want to "mute" them a bit? A slider at the top of your feed can adjust how posts from your circle of friends are noticed in your feed. You can adjust slider to say "show fewer things from this stream in my main stream" to "show more things..." to "show nothing..."

Here's a video that shows you how it works:

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