Mark Cuban invests in men's advice site Brotips

Nathan Pensky · December 12, 2011 · Short URL:

Cuban's investment in this tiny, bro-oriented startup seems...strange to say the least

Are you a bro? Do you need tips on how to enhance your bro-dom? Then bro, you're in luck, because several news sources are reporting that  Mark Cuban, a.k.a. the bro-iest bro of all, has invested in Brotips, an advice website for men and all their...manly problems.

A multi-billionaire, Cuban is the owner of the NBA team the Dallas Mavericks, as well as Landmark Theatres and Magnolia Pictures. He is also the chairman of the HDTV cable network HDNet. That said, to say that his investment in this tiny, bro-oriented startup is strange would be a gross understatement.

This is not to say that Brotips hasn't experienced success on its own level, or that Cuban's attention isn't deserved, in that sense. Brotips has a strong social networking element to it, where users are able to send their own submissions to be included in the ever-growing list of short, Tweet-sized sayings to guide men on their path of bro-dom.

It's also worth mentioning that the site is owned by a 16-year-old, Yousef Khraibut, which might somewhat explain the focus on bro culture.

The site has 1.5 million unqiue views per month, with 2.5 million visits. They have recently monetized through product endorsements on their "Brands Bros Luv" feature, and will soon start a clothing line for all bro-ish activities. Khraibut told us that he could not disclose the terms of Cuban's investment.

We contacted Khraibut to learn more about the deal and found out he has big plans for the site. "We have several revenue terms of leveraging our brand for licensing, publishing, and media and tv/broadcasting plays," said Khraibut to VatorNews. "Our 'Brands Bros Luv' section is essentially Brotips endorsing companies that we (and our bros) back."

"We plan to fully implement BBL within the next month," Khraibut continued. "We're in discussions with some of the biggest brands around today."

All that said, it must be said. Brotips is pretty pointless. It's sort of a less good version of "men's lifestyle" site Where is the Cool, which itself is a less good version of magazines like Esquire or GQ...which really aren't that good, either.

In spite of Cuban's ringing endorsement, you'd be fine skipping Brotips, unless you're hurting for pearls of wisdom like, "If it seems like a good idea at 3AM, it probably won't look as good at 3PM," (original!), and my own personal favorite, "Write essays like a boss. If you do it right, your rough draft can be your final draft."

Brotips' content is like a night out at the club wrapped in a popped collar doused in an energy drink, a kind of turducken of frat boy cliche. But don't worry ladies, Brotips has you covered, too, as they've written on their website, "We only post what we feel will resonate with bros of all genders." Please.

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