Payvment to offer Black Friday deals on Facebook Mall

Faith Merino · November 22, 2011 · Short URL:

Avoid the Wal-Mart crowds; get your deals on Facebook

Everyone is familiar with the traditional Black Friday scene: you wake up at an uncivilized hour, head down to Wal-Mart, wait in line in the cold with your Thanksgiving food baby sitting heavily in your gut—and then, when those glorious doors open, you find yourself swept along in a sea of sweatpants and ‘80s housewife hair straight for the electronics section.  You briefly wonder if this was a bad idea, change your mind when you snag the last Kinect on sale, and then change your mind again when you get out to the parking lot and find that someone has keyed the word “asshole” into the side of your car for parking cockeyed and taking up two spaces.

Maybe this year you could shake it up and head down to the mall instead—the virtual mall.  On Facebook.  Facebook eCommerce platform Payvment announced Tuesday that it plans to launch a special Black Friday deals section for its Facebook Shopping Mall.

The Black Friday deals will go live at 12:01 am EST on Friday, November 25, at

Now, from the comfort of your own Facebook account, you can get deals of up to 80% off from any of the more than 100,000 sellers that list their products via Payvment.  That number is up from 50,000 in February, when the Shopping Mall launched.  The fCommerce platform is currently home to more than 2.4 million items.

Payvment’s traffic has been on the rise this month, seeing a 30% increase since the beginning of November, as well as a 25% increase in social discussion and sharing with the products in the Shopping Mall.

“In the past, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been the domain of the ‘big box’ retailers, but now with the Shopping Mall we’re helping the boutique sellers by aggregating and promoting their deals for consumers all in one place on Facebook,” said Payvment CEO Christian Taylor, in a statement.

Payvment launched the first ever Facebook Shopping Mall back in February to unify all of the Payvment storefronts and allow shoppers to shop by seller, items, bestsellers, recommended items, and more.  The most innovative feature of the platform is probably Payvment's universal shopping cart and checkout feature, which allows the user to add items from different stores to the same cart and go through one checkout process. So in essence, you can add a $300 crystal necklace from Molly Sims' storefront to the same cart to which you add a hand-knitted baby blanket from a private seller in Spokane, Washington, and you can buy both in one checkout process.

Payvment raised $6 million last November. 


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