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Faith Merino · October 26, 2011 · Short URL:

It was long in the making, but the personal finance app is finally available for the iPad

Nearly three years after broke out its very own iPhone app, the company has now—finally—jumped on the tablet bandwagon with the launch of its new iPad app.  The new app was unveiled today, roughly 18 months after the debut of the original iPad back in 2010.

Mint says that the new app was designed to support features of Apple’s new iOS 5, including its automatic reference counting technology, thereby making it faster and smoother. 

For the most part, the app will include all of the same features that the iPhone app offers, including alerts, bill reminders, and other account activity updates via the app’s Notification Center.

Now iPad users can organize all of their accounts in one place—be it bank accounts, credit cards, loans, mortgages (pluralized in case you have more than one), or whathaveyou—and get financial insight on the go by tapping or pinching graphs and timelines to get their spending histories.

The app also allows users to get snapshots of their financial data when they’re out and about with no Internet connection.  The app stores data from the latest downloads to allow users to review their finances when they lack connectivity.

Additionally,’s platform syncs all of your devices, so that if you make a change to one—say, your iPad, it will be automatically updated on your iPhone and Android device (even better if you have both).

Now seven million members strong, has tracked $1 trillion in transactions to date, and $485 billion in loans and assets.

The new app will be a welcome bridge between the ease-of-use of the desktop experience and the awkwardness of the iPhone app. 

Personal finance competitor Pageonce launched its own iPad app back in January and announced shortly thereafter that one million new users had joined the platform in the three weeks following the app’s debut.


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