True Fit works with Macy's to help your jeans fit

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New mobile technology may help online shoppers buy better fitting clothes and shoes



As online shopping becomes quicker, more cost-effective and easier, the only thing holding so many women from buying their whole wardrobe on the web is the dreaded concern that it just won’t fit right.

The Boston-based software company True Fit has been tooling a fix for just that problem and announced Tuesday that it will launch its product online, on mobile and in store kiosks to give consumers more accurate recommendations on clothes and shoes.

True Fit has chosen Macy’s as its first retail partner to roll out this new technology that will first become available for the women’s denim section of the retail giant.

How It Works

First: The customer creates a user profile that includes staples in their closet that fit well.
Second: The user chooses various descriptions of the main points that clothes pinch or slack (hips, thighs, etc.)
Third: The user fills out a few basic questions (but no measurements needed).

Once the profile has been created then the user can shop on the website as they normally would and the True Fit software will kick in when the user clicks a prompt to “virtually try on.” This option allows True Fit to scan the specifications of an item and compare it to the user profile and returns three points of information.

Those key points are a True Fit score of 1-5 that expresses how close to a perfect fit it will be (5 is a perfect fit), a suggested size and details about the measurements of the product.

According to True Fit, the technology is a learning-based software that uses algorithms and looks at a user’s shopping behavior, profile and catalog of products to update fit and size recommendations in real time.

"We're thrilled to partner with Macy's – a venerable retailer and innovation leader, who is on the cutting edge defining the very best experience for the multi-channel shopper,” said William R. Adler, True Fit's CEO, in a release Tuesday.

With more than 800 retail locations across the United States, Macy’s is a sizable first get for True Fit and will give the company a great deal of visibility.

"Macy's is a recognized industry leader, committed to implementing the newest technological advancements that will resonate with our customers," said Kent Anderson, president. "By partnering with True Fit, we are able to provide a unique online shopping experience that brings a new level of personalization and service to customers that shop"

As retail companies compete against bargin sites and online boutiques for the same dollars in a highly competitive $240 billion worldwide industry, any offer of better service that a clothing company can get could give them the online edge.

This announcement was foreshaddowed when The Morris + King Company was retained by True Fit last month.  MKC is large public relations company based in New York City and was brought onto the True Fit team, according to the Holmes Report, to develop and execute a “comprehensive public relations campaign.”

Macy’s is a publicly traded company (NYSE: M) that opened Tuesday at $24.97.

Macy’s and True Fit were not immediately available for comment.

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