Roost releases Social Scorecard for local SMBs

Faith Merino · June 21, 2011 · Short URL:

The scorecard rates the effectiveness of a business owner's social marketing campaign

Shortly after reinventing itself as a social marketing service for SMBs after struggling as a real estate search engine, Roost has announced its latest offering: the social media scorecard for local businesses, which allows businesses to get a comprehensive overview of who they’re reaching online.

Offered as a free service on Roost’s website, the social Scorecard uses a proprietary algorithm to determine how well a business is penetrating its local market via social media. For example, business owners can see how local their customers are by using the Scorecard, which computes the geographic distribution of customer Likes, compares that to the current U.S. population data for that local market, and breaks the data down into a numerical score that businesses can use to gauge the effectiveness of their social media presence.

Roost also provides tips and suggestions for ways that local business owners can improve their scores, such as publishing content relevant to their businesses more frequently, or boosting their audience by another 200 people, and more. And as a business owner makes improvements and grows his or her audience and fan-base on Facebook, the Roost Scorecard score will increase in direct proportion.

“Local businesses live and die by the customers in their specific market, so understanding and optimizing this piece of the puzzle is paramount to social media success,” said Roost’s VP of Marketing, Chris Brubaker, in a statement. “The era of acquiring fans blindly is a thing of the past for today’s smart local businesses. After all, not all ‘likes’ are created equal.”

And then from there, of course, a business owner may choose to utilize Roost’s social marketing services, which help streamline a business’s social marketing campaign by providing content suggestions and automatic updates. This can be particularly useful to the business owner who doesn’t have 20 hours a week to devote to updating his or her business’s Facebook page. Content suggestions range from links and questions to quotes and status updates, as well as content categories users can add themselves. And all of the suggestions are customized based on the business owner’s interests and the type of business. The business owner then selects what kind of periodic time frame they would like for automatic updates and posts, and voila, a social marketing campaign is born.

Roost’s new social Scorecard is the first of several free scorecards that the company plans to release for local businesses.

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