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Faith Merino · May 18, 2011 · Short URL:

Goines goes from heavy hitting angel investor to VC with Morgenthaler Ventures

Today, Morgenthaler Ventures is adding a big hitter to its ranks. Mark Goines, famed for his angel investments in high-growth companies like Mint, BabyCenter, and Practice Fusion, joined the investment firm’s IT team Wednesday at its Menlo Park office.

Prior to joining, Goines already shared a history with Morgenthaler. Both Goines and Morgenthaler have invested in Pageonce, a mobile finance company that recently raised a $15 million round of funding. Additionally, both have invested in Practice Fusion, a cloud-based electronic health records system that recently closed a $23 million round of funding. Goines has served on the Board of Directors for both companies.

"I have seen Morgenthaler in action for years as fellow board members and I like the way they roll up their sleeves and assist their portfolio companies," said Goines in a statement. "I'm excited to be working with their portfolio companies and partners, and am thrilled to be joining such a venerable firm."

As a partner at Morgenthaler, Goines will be focusing on financial technology, mobile, consumer, and small business Internet services.

Mark Goines brings his extensive background in personal finance to Morgenthaler. Previously, Goines helped build and oversee Intuit’s Consumer Tax business, TurboTax, and he also served as VP of Intuit’s International Division, overseeing everything from product creation to acquisitions and partnerships around the world. Prior to Intuit, Goines helped develop early-stage banking, software, and electronic services for Wells Fargo and Charles Schwab.

“Unlike a lot of VCs—who have never been CEO and experienced what it's like being in the hot seat trying to balance product, hiring, strategy, fund raising, management, and competitors all at once—Mark has been a CEO and C-level executive a number of times,” said Mint founder and CEO Aaron Patzer.  “His experiences at ChipSoft (which merged with Intuit to become TurboTax), and building Quicken into a major online presence back in the 1998-2000 era, and at PassMark Security were invaluable to Mint.” Patzer added: “Within a few months of working together, I asked Mark to become Mint's independent board member, representing common shareholders. He provided a level of coaching that was crucial to the success of”

In addition to his background in personal finance, it also turns out that Mark Goines is an all-around good guy. Goines has served as president of the Los Altos Educational Foundation, and he’s been elected as a trustee of the Los Altos School Board.


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