AudioMicro makes a friend of Microsoft Office

Ronny Kerr · April 29, 2011 · Short URL:

Office users can now use 1,500 handpicked songs and sounds in their projects, especially PowerPoints

Stock audio library AudioMicro announced Friday that it has sealed a licensing and distribution deal with Microsoft Office 2010, the Redmond, Wash. giant’s latest productivity suite release.

As part of the deal, Office users will now be able to incorporate any of 1,500 royalty-free songs and sound effects into their projects. The tracks are available immediately at, the cloud-based site for Microsoft Office.

“Over fifty percent of the entertainment value of a visual presentation comes from the music and sound,” said Ryan Born, founder and CEO of AudioMicro, in a prepared statement. “With 1,500 new music and sound effect files to choose from, Microsoft® Office 2010 users are able to create more compelling, attention grabbing PowerPoint® presentations to engage their audience.”

Born also tells me that Sean Percival, VP of online marketing at Myspace, has officially joined the AudioMicro team as an advisor.

AudioMicro provides a massive database of stock music, sound effects, royalty-free music, production music, ringtones and more. If you’re somebody who needs a sound for any purpose under the sun, AudioMicro has you covered. The service charges as little as $4 per song and $1 for sound effects. There are also subscription plans available for those who need access to sounds more often.

We’ve covered AudioMicro a few times in the past, and each successive story seems to reaffirm the company’s influence. In July 2009, it teamed up with the Hollywood Edge to add over 55,000 sound effects, and and in October (just three months later, it added 13,000 high-production record label tracks. Last time an AudioMicro announcement passed our way was a little over a year ago, when the company added yet another batch of tracks--this time 20,000--that brought the total to over 200,000 tracks. Quite the impressive milestone.

Today, AudioMicro says it offers over 225,000 sounds in its database.

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AudioMicro is the largest user generated micro stock music licensing platform.  Content posted to AudioMicro can be synced to video, advertising, and other commercial projects and is accompanied by a royalty-free, perpetual, non-exclusive license.  AudioMicro's content is crowd sourced from professional and amateurs and democratically priced as little as $1 per minute. 

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