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Faith Merino · April 26, 2011 · Short URL:

OfferApp is like a daily deal site where users can get one new free app each day

I’m pretty burnt out on Groupon clones and daily deal site wannabes. I just don’t have the time, money, or patience to keep sifting through endless offers of half-price mani-pedis and facials. I have other needs, too! Like at-home teeth whitening kits and Brazilian blow-outs!

But I digress. Today, OfferedApp puts a new mobile spin on the daily deal concept: free apps. To be specific, these are apps that are normally paid, but by participating in an advertiser’s offer, you can get the app for free. The site features a new paid app each day, ranging in price from $0.99 to $9.99, and users can choose from among several advertiser offers to complete, such as taking a survey or playing a game. Once the offer is complete, OfferedApp sends you the app as a gift to your email.

So does that mean users have to resign themselves to having their email inboxes explode with spam and ads forevermore? OfferedApp Aaron Weitzman says no: “First, Offered only uses the emails for sending out the daily app.  We are not selling or sharing the emails with third party advertisers in any way. We have long standing relationships through Cactus Media with these advertisers and are only placing trusted partners on OfferedApp to protect the consumers’ privacy.  The individual sites will contact the users but their information will not be resold.”

This is good to hear because I may have been a little too trusting when I completed a survey at to get my free app, for which I handed over just about all of my personal information save my credit card number.

But I got my free app! Today’s featured app is the MotionX GPS Drive app for iPhone, which typically comes with a $0.99 price-tag.

This, of course, leads one to wonder how developers feel about their apps being given away for free. But OfferedApp claims that developers receive their full revenue-share for each download as they ordinarily would (presumably, some or all of the ad dollars from the offers users complete are going directly to the developers, similar to how consumer-facing non-profit sites like and SocialVibe encourage users to interact with ads to send those ad dollars directly to their charities of choice).

The site’s beta testing clearly shows that users are more than happy to complete a few surveys to get free apps: OfferedApp already has 20,000 email subscribers.

“We are giving users the opportunity to download some of the hottest and best-selling paid mobile applications, without having to pay for them,” said fellow OfferedApp co-founder Greg Schwartz in a statement. “This model has seen great success with popular social gaming and alternative payment platforms. We are now bringing this model to the mobile app space.”


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