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Kellogg creates to donate breakfasts to low-income students

Happy National Breakfast Day!  I had a grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast, which is not what most people are eating at this hour, according to Kellogg's new site, which shows that fruit is the most commonly eaten breakfast food in America, followed by cereal. In celebration of National Breakfast Day, the Kellogg Company has created a campaign whereby for every picture that someone takes of their breakfast and uploads to the website, Kellogg will donate one meal to a child who might not get breakfast every day. 

To be more specific, Kellogg is working with the non-profit organization Action for Health Kids to donate free breakfast to schools where 50% or more of the students qualify for free or reduced-price lunches. The project will run throughout the 2011-2012 school year and the Share Your Breakfast website will be up until July. 

The website went live last weekend and saw some 800 photos uploaded as of Sunday. Breakfasts range from fruit and yogurt to a strange amorphous mound of bacon and potatoes. And then some jerk posted a picture of a single green apple. Really? You ate one green apple for breakfast? You want a pat on the back for your stalwart asceticism? 

Anyway, the site takes a cue from other location-based food photo ventures like FoodSpotting by pairing geographical information with the photos. For example, in California, fruit is the most commonly eaten breakfast food (43%), followed by cereal (24%), milk (23%), eggs (19%), and oatmeal (17%). The map also breaks down states by food category (i.e., which states eat the most bacon?).

Cell phone owners can also text a photo of their breakfast with the word "share" to 21534. And those who prefer to tweet about their breakfasts can do so using the tag #ShareUrBreakfast.

The Kellogg Company is putting $200,000 toward the campaign, which will be accompanied by a 30-second TV ad featuring workers setting up a long table on a neighborhood street and setting boxes of cereal on the table, where rousing neighbors gather to eat. The ad, called "Big Breakfast," will begin airing Tuesday. 

Adding more promotional fuel to the fire, Kellogg is hosting a live event Tuesday morning in Grand Central Terminal in New York City, where the company will provide free cereal, fruit, breakfast bars, and beverages. 

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