21 Reasons Why You Would Put QR Codes on Swag

Dan Verhaeghe · February 16, 2011 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/171e

It's just smart technological marketing enabling ROI and sales.



Last month, we introduced the concept of printed QR codes on promotional products in an interview with Heather Howe of FavoDomains and Webmaster Talk Forums.

QR codes are open-source technology which means that they are constantly being technologically and functionally advanced by a booming smartphone and mobile marketing industry. As many traditional forms of advertising are on the decline, promotional products have been a mainstay and are expected to further grow this year due to the QR Code.

Below are several ways in which we combine QR Codes with physical promotional products. Remember, QR codes bridge the gap between the physical product and the Internet via a QR code reader on your smartphone.

The one point we want you to take away from a marketing perspective is that you can now generate a MEASURABLE RETURN through a customized promotion.

So here are 21 effective reasons to use QR codes and promotional products:

1. Link To Your Online Content (Blog, Video)

2. Using Promotional Products as Barcode Scanning Rewards

3. Link To a Mobile Smartsite Menu That Contains a Variety of Options with us and Tappinn

4. Link to a Mobile Coupon.

5. Link to a Mobile Group Deal.

6. To Get Facebook Likes

7. To Get Twitter Followers

8. Link to a Simple Sweepstakes Contest Form.

9. Link to WildFire App Generated Facebook Promotion

10. Link to your upcoming event.

11. Link To Your E-Commerce Store to promote an emerging trend, M-Commerce Through Smartphones!

12. Create buzz for your next Product Launch!

13. Link to a conference's ongoing #hashtag "discussion" on Twitter.

14. Link To a Mobile Page of Your Upcoming Specials!

15. Link To Your Contact Information!

16. Custom Brand Your QR Code (additional cost)

17. Make a direct mail campaign far more effective.

18. Place a QR "PingTag" on a promo product that links to your LinkedIn page so that you can gain connections!

19. Change the QR Code Link if you use the ScanLife QR Code generating system, re-using your promotional product!

20. Become enviornmentally friendly- if you re-use your promotion that means you'll have to generate less promotional paper!

21. Use it as a Mobile Commerce Solution Through Direct Mail.

Dan Verhaeghe dan@mcloughlin.ca or 905-238-8973 ext. 233 will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or other ideas you may have!

Remember, with QR codes, anything's possible, and we want to give you the option to customize your promotion as much as possible, not just through the promotional product, but through an external promotion via QR Code.

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