Exotic Deals is the sexy Groupon

Faith Merino · January 4, 2011 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/1581

The adult-themed flash sales site launched Tuesday morning

Just when you thought you couldn’t take another flash sales/daily deals/group-buying site getting all up in your grill, a new one has joined the horde.  But this one has an interesting twist: it’s for adults only.

Exotic Deals announced its public debut Tuesday morning—just in time to coincide with your slow recovery from feel-good holiday specials on TV and family get-togethers in ugly Christmas sweaters (although sexy deals aren’t necessarily antithetical to the holiday season.  Someone once told me that Christmas and Thanksgiving are the busiest days of the year for strip clubs… I don’t know how true that is).

The site, which launched in October in beta, offers flash deals on adult products and services.  Each deal will be featured for 69 hours (ha, ha).  Visitors to the site will notice that it isn’t yet available in their hometown, but the company is currently focused on a phase one west coast launch and hopes to have deals up and running soon in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix, and Las Vegas (a lot of people in Fresno are going to be disappointed that they can’t get 50% off lap dances at Gold Diggers yet).  The company has established sales forces in each of those cities and the site has amassed a following of some 75,000 members awaiting sexy deals, according to a company spokesperson.

The company gives proper deference to Groupon as the leader in the daily deal space, but believes that what the industry is lacking is a niche group.  Enter sexy deals.

"With many businesses in the flash marketing industry all selling the same thing like restaurant coupons, haircuts, or oil changes, we wanted to do something different,” said Exotic Deals CEO Todd Sriro in a prepared statement.  "Economic times have changed the way people shop and businesses needed a new way to find consumers. Our 69-hour deals are going to make you want to try new and exciting things that consumers may not have been exposed to, like a pole dancing class or even a romantic vacation.”

So…why one deal for every 69 hours?  I get the joke.  But why offer one deal for every three days?  It seems like members wouldn’t have much incentive for returning to the site very frequently. 

The 69-hour timeline is just for now, said the company spokesperson.  Because the company is a startup, the team didn’t want to run the risk of not having enough deals to post every day.  As the company expands to new markets across the country in phase two, which it hopes to launch within the next 6-12 months, it will offer multiple deals per 69-hour period by category, such as gay, straight, fetish, and more.

The site is still getting some back-end bugs (no pun intended) worked out, but will be live by the Adult Entertainment Expo show on Thursday in Las Vegas.  The company is also developing a mobile app for Exotic Deals, which should be a big hit as mobile adult content is expected to account for $4.6 billion of the $13 billion international adult industry by 2012

Image source: exoticdeals.com

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