Best productivity apps for Android in 2011

Katie Gatto · December 30, 2010 · Short URL:

A look at the Android-based apps that will make your work life easier next year

Are you looking for the best productivity apps for Android in 2011?

Have we got some apps for you.

Out of the more than 100,000 of them avaiable, we highlighted the ones we thought would make you more productive in the new year.

These apps won't only make your work life easier, they may even get your iPhone-loving colleagues to consider converting.

Quickoffice for Captivate

This is your new document center. It will allow you to view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point files. These capabilities would be enough to make this app worth it, but the app also comes with several ways to share your documents. The app comes with integrated access to multiple remote storage providers, such as Google Docs, Dropbox,, and MobileMe.


SecureMemo is designed to encrypt all of your accounts, passwords, credit card numbers, and pretty much anything else you want to keep private. The data is stored in an AES-encrypted file on your SD Card. That way, if you want extra protection any given day, you can simply leave the card at home.  Just be aware that you cannot store the SecureMemo password. Forget it and you will never be able to decrypt your data again.


This app is your mobile Google task client. It will let you make your simple to-do list and synchronize with Google automatically. For users who do not want to sync there is also a local mode. Since this app has the capability to sync when you want to, keep it local when you don't, and run multiple lists in a side-scrolling format, it is the best list choice on Android.

Voice Recorder

Tiny virtual keyboards are not for everyone. If you detest typing on your phone, this application is for you. It is, as you probably guessed by the title, a handy voice recorder on your phone. You can use the keyboard to title your notes, which also receive an automatic time stamp.  You can also email the notes to yourself for later use. Just be aware that this feature only works for Gmail users.


Most of us need a personal organizer. This application allows you to sync with your Google Calendar and Google Tasks, which will save you retyping the same information. It is also downright charming because it was designed to look like a paper planner. Believe it or not, that makes this app very user friendly.

Oh, and all of these apps are free.

Here's to a more productive year in 2011!

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