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AlexandAlexa raises $2.32M; Voxy $600k; Elevance $100M; Teradate acquires Aprimo

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December 22, 2010
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Teradata is going to acquire Aprimo, marketing software maker which focuses on a cloud based approach. The buyout will total approximately $525 million.


MMC Ventures has invested roughly $2.32 million in AlexandAlexa. AlexandZlexa is a UK-based online retailer for upscale children clothing.  


Where has received US Patent No. 7,848,765,  which covers 31 different geo-tech related items, from sending a coupon alert to geofencing a mobile device.

Voxy has raised another $600,000, bringing its total funding to $1.2 million. Investors in this round included John Frankel, Paul Whetsell and Jim Dannhauser .

Instagram, a photo-sharing app and service for iPhones announced today that it has garnered a million users. The app was launched on October 6th.

In a 3-2  vote, the FCC approved enforceable net neutrality regulations. The rules published are being criticised by both sides of the debate, as going to far and not far enough respectively.

Facebook has paired up with TripAdvisor. The partnership will allow users who log into Trip Advisor to see Facebook friends reviews, a maps of places those friends have visited, and a list of most popular destinations.

Elevance raised a $100 million Series C round of funding. The round was led by Naxos Capital Partners, with Total Energy Ventures International, TPG Biotech, TPG Growth.

Twitter has acquired Fluther, a Q&A community. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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