How to Use Alltop to Build Your Startup

Adam Hoeksema · December 10, 2010 · Short URL:

Alltop a Powerful Tool for Entrepreneurs

As a startup company owner who works with startups for a living I am constantly looking for websites like that provide me with the latest startup news. The problem is there are simply so many great resources and websites that I could spend all day looking through the newest articles and news releases on each of these websites. There is a solution! is a product of famous venture capitalist, author, and speaker Guy Kawasaki. There are 3 ways you can use Alltop to help build your startup.

1. Stay on Top of Startup News - Learn from relevant startup blogs and websites, as well as, the startup news for your competition. Simply type in and you will see all the most popular blogs and websites dedicated to startups, and their last 5 posts or articles. This is a major time saver. You can glance at the titles of 100’s of articles and only view the interesting articles relevant to your startup.

2. Stay on Top of Your Industry News - What industry are you in? There is probably an alltop topic specifically dedicated to your industry. Let’s say you sell products to runners. is for you. This is such a brilliant idea. If there is not already a page dedicated to the topic of your choosing, you can actually create your own page with feeds from all the websites you want.

3. Stay on Top of Venture Capital News - Is your startup looking for funding? Stay on top of all the venture capital news at You can learn which venture capital firms are investing, which types of startups are securing investment, and how much other similar startups are receiving in investment.

Ultimately, is an incredible tool to stay on top of all the information that is relevant to you and your business, and it Guy Kawasaki (the inspiration for my business) is involved so it must be great!  

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