(R)evolution Episode One:

Brian Solis · November 4, 2010 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/1366

Empowering your employees and customers with Josh Bernoff

Welcome to the premier episode of (R)evolution, a new series that connects you to the people, trends, and ideas defining the future of business, marketing, and media.

In show number one, Forrester's Josh Bernoff discusses his new book Empowered, co-authored with Ted Schadler.

An old proverb declares, "may you live in interesting times." Indeed we do.

The markets that define the business landscape for brands, organizations, and local businesses are democratizing.

At the same time, the dynamics of influence, who wields it, and how, is also transforming. Influence and attention are now equalized. As a result, businesses must now compete in domains where consumers define their experiences through the connections they decide to make. In order to compete for the future, businesses must now establish a presence and earn attention, build new connections, and cultivate meaningful relationships to foster trust, loyalty, and advocacy.

Credits: Andrew Landini, Producer Adam Eckenfelder, Audio Tech/Re-Recording Mixing

Location: Portabello Grill, Redwood City  

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