Facebook VP Heiliger to advise Clustrix

Jonathan Heiliger, technical operations VP, brings extra experience to Clustrix advisory board

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October 11, 2010
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ClustrixClustrix, developer of clustered database systems (CDS) for large-scale Internet applications, announced Monday that it has added former Cisco Systems EVP Don Listwin and technical operations VP Jonathan Heiliger to its advisory board.

“Clustrix has built a truly impressive Clustered Database System from which Internet-scale businesses can benefit,” said Heiliger in a statement.

He should know.

Heiliger currently oversees Facebook’s global infrastructure and IT systems, a position he once held as head of engineering at Walmart.com, which is why he will make an ideal Clustrix adviser. In the past, he advised “several early-stage companies in connection with Index Ventures and Sequoia Capital,” according to his Facebook bio.

CEO Paul Mikesell, who previously co-founded successful CDS company Isilon Systems, says Clustrix builds infrastructure for those companies handling a serious amount of data, like those involved in “big travel, e-commerce, and social websites.”

Having a stable and scalable infrastructure is absolutely fundamental to building a successful online service in the long-term. That sounds more obvious than it might actually be. Twitter, for example, is now infamous for suffering severe outages in mid-2009, when the microblogging site’s rocketing popularity reached a fever pitch. A year later, the site has mostly resolved its stability issues and luckily didn’t seem to lose many users in the process.

Clustrix is a San Francisco-based graduate of Silicon Valley incubator Y Combinator's 2006 class.

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