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A talk show web series hosted by these female entertainment professionals.


GIRLS NIGHT OUT NEW YORK is a talk show series hosted by these female entertainment professionals, and will feature special celebrity guest co hosts, male and female, and one talented newcomer per week. The friendly, nurturing environment will encourage guests to candidly discuss their challenges, fears, and frustrations as well as to share their creative visions.

Girls Night Out will focus on how women can improve the employment and depiction of women in films and television and how women in the industry can take personal responsibility for the ways in which they are portrayed in media and in real life. 

Gianna Palminteri and Valerie Smaldone will host and produce an upcoming web talk show, "Girls Night Out New York." Antonio Saillant of Angel Light Pictures will executive produce.  

Media personality Valerie Smaldone, an award winning radio professional is known for hosting the most listened to midday music show in American on NY's 106.7 Lite Fm. She is also a celebrity interviewer (having conversed with such superstars as Elton John, Paul McCartney, Liza Minelli, Tony Bennett, and hundreds more), an on camera host, producer and actor. Valerie has added media and talent coach to her roster of accomplishments.  

Girls Night Out New York is a perfect project for Actor, Writer, Producer, Gianna Palminteri who was involved as the first host of the Travel Channel. Palminteri recently produced "Tracks of Color," her credits include "A Bronx Tale," in which she appeared with her husband, Chazz Palminteri. In addition, she has produced and acted in a film called Ghetto Dawg for HBO and Obscure Brother which was filmed in Italy. 

In addition, Amy Greeson will be joining GNO as a co-host of a few  episodes. Amy is a producer and host of Healing Seekers ( ) , is a pharmacist, educator, lecturer, writer and world traveler who is most at home at the crossroads between medicine and the healing traditions of indigenous cultures. Amy has traveled extensively to study with shamans and village healers in the far reaches of Belize, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, and Madagascar.

She has learned how to stitch a wound with surgical ants... to treat bacterial, fungal and viral infections with the sap of a tree... which plants help with inflammation, pain, bites and burns... and how traditional cultures integrate powerful spiritual practices into their healing traditions. The company has the artistic vision and with the goal of bringing the universal themes of friendship, integrity and goodwill to the big screen and to television for worldwide audiences who are tired of the stereotyped movie formula.


With the proliferation of plastic surgery, the television makeover shows that bombard the airwaves and the cultural obsession with looking young, how does a female talent not get caught up in the mania? 

Dancer, choreographer, actor Tony Dovolani of Dancing With the Stars has already committed to co-host one of the episodes. Having danced with and trained dozens of women of all ages, including his DWTS partners Stacy Keibler, Sara Evans, Susan Lucci, Marissa Jaret Winokur, and Melsisa Rycroft, Tony will contibute a unique understanding about some of these issues. 

Executive producer Saillant states: "I strongly believe that the Girls Night Out audience will grow with each episode because the subject matter is completely relevant to our times and the industry. Where are the fabulous women actors who have turned 50? Why are we not celebrating them and their timeless beauty and talent instead of ridiculing them for "aging." GNO will have a very interactive on line community to give our audience an opportunity to be heard. Gianna, Valerie and Saillant are committed to this vision and want to hear from our "viewers." 

Our goal is to educate and inspire the female artists chosen on the show, as well as the viewers at home, who have that entrepreneurial spirit, raw talent, commitment and tenacity to create a career of longevity and mastery.


These funds will be used to cover equipment hire, travel costs for cast & crew, catering, post-production, internet launch of the show, props and set design, web page design, costume design and make-up. Anything over and above the target will be used for marketing. This will enable us to have a more complete "sizzle reel" to show potential investors and to get future sponsors.


(Lets Unleash this fantastic idea by asking folks to get the word out and make some noise about this wonderful feel good project.) The future of this venture is in your hands – women empower us – we need your help!

Therefore, a round table discussion about segments on upcoming women in the entertainment business vs. professional women in the entertainment business meets for an Emmy award winning talk show. Get ready for an entertaining, opportunistic and educational venue filled with topics for every upcoming female in the entertainment community. It will also allow the industry professionals a glimpse at the struggles and/or victories women go through when trying to make it in the business today.

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Antonio Saillant and The Angel Light Pictures Team

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