Windows Phone 7 available Nov. 8?

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The device is said to be scheduled for release in Europe on Oct 21, with the U.S. to follow

Correction: This article was edited to clarify that Windows Phone 7 is an operating system, not a specific device.

Earlier this year, Microsoft unveiled its Windows Phone 7 with a hazy October 2010 release date, which has yet to be confirmed by Microsoft.  But now, several publications have come forward with information that the Windows Phone 7 will be officially released in Europe on October 21 and in the United States on November 8.

Unidentified sources confirmed that Microsoft will be holding several launch events throughout Europe on October 21 to mark the operating system’s official release, according to Neowin.

Current countries on the list of those that will see the OS first include the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, France, and Germany.  The Euro launch date will come less than two weeks after Microsoft’s Open House event in New York City on October 11, where it is expected to unveil other devices.

Neowin could not verify when the Windows Phone 7 would become available in the States, but Paul Thurrot of Windows Phone Secrets claims that one of his sources has informed him that the operating system will be released in the U.S. on November 8.  Thurrot is considered a “Microsoft insider,” having obtained access to early Windows Phone 7 information for his upcoming book on the platform.

“I mentioned on this week’s Windows Weekly podcast that the October 11 date people have been tossing around for the Windows Phone launch was incorrect,” said Thurrot in his blog.  “While I don’t know anything about a European launch, I’ve been told by a very reliable source that the US launch date for Windows Phone is November 8.”

Thurrot also added that the Microsoft event planned for October 11 will not be related to the Windows Phone 7.

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that the Windows Phone was officially being released to manufacturing (RTM), although the company would not give an official launch date. 

“Windows Phone 7 is the most thoroughly tested mobile platform Microsoft has ever released,” said corporate vice president of windows phone engineering, Terry Myers, in the company’s blog.  “We had nearly ten thousand devices running automated tests daily, over a half million hours of active self-hosting use, over three and a half million hours of stress test passes, and eight and a half million hours of fully automated test passes.  We’ve had thousands of independent software vendors and early adopters testing our software and giving us great feedback. We are ready.”

At launch, the OS will include integration with Facebook, Zune, Xbox Live, and Bing, as well as Twitter and YouTube, both of which were previously absent from preview versions of the platform.  The OS will also feature a multi-touch screen and a redesigned user interface.  Not included at launch are copy and paste functionality, multitasking, and tethering. Microsoft could not be reached for comment.

The company recently made headlines when Microsoft employees celebrated the device’s RTM milestone by holding a Blackberry and iPhone funeral at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, complete with fake hearses for giant iPhones and Blackberries, elaborate funereal garb, and bagpipes.  The theme of the celebration: Microsoft had “buried” the competition with its new Windows Phone 7.  Ba-dum-ching!

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