Twitter app officially launches on the iPad

Katie Gatto · September 2, 2010 · Short URL:

Mobile takes Twitter to a whole new level

Twitter launched Thursday an app for the iPad. The application will allow end users the full functionality of the Twitter site and even goes a little bit further.

It differentiates itself from the iPhone application by bringing end users Tweets together with Web pages, photos, videos. These features will allow end users to view related Web pages, see profile information with a tap, and conduct hashtag searches and similar users quickly and easily.

The application, which does not represent the first Twitter app on the App Store, since there are many applications that allow for various levels of intergration with the Twitter site.  It is however, the first official app for iPad. The application also does have a version for iPhone released, but there is not a version for the iPod Touch. The application also have gesture based support.

It was developed by Leland Rechis, Twitter’s mobile product manager and Loren Brichter the former creator of Tweetie who now works for Twitter. The iPad application distinguishes itself from the iPhone application because it makes use of multiple cascading panels of information on the screen, where the iPhone version is only able to open in information in a new window, which takes up the whole of the screen.

The application is already having some bugs reported by end users in the comments section of the iTunes App Store. Users main complaints seem to revolve around application crashed and slow speeds.

Users do not even have to sign up for an account in order to test the application. It comes with pre-created profiles, with focuses such as Art & Design, Sports, and News, in order to give users without an account a way to use the application.

The application is avaliable in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. The download size is 5.2 MB.

Twitter was not avaliable for immediate comment.

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