Intel and Connected TV: Not Just a Chip Maker

Richard Kastelein · June 28, 2010 · Short URL:

But Rather a Visionary... in the Emerging Convergent Media Landscape

In a recent, insightful Gizmodo interview with Intel CTO and Labs chief Justin Rattner, it was revealed that Intel has apparently been very proactive in driving forward the Connected TV space - playing a role in shaping the future of TV by going as far as building a User Interface (UI) which they shopped around to Google and Sony long before the Google TV announcements earlier this year.

Justin Rattner. There actually is a fellow whose name is Brian David Johnson. He is the experience architect for the future of television effort. Brian just finished a book called Screen Future, which is basically Intel's vision for the future of television. Brian and that whole TV experience team literally built the entire experience and then took it out to the industry and people like Google and Sony and other folks then said, ‘That's consistent with our vision.' I think in a lot of cases our vision went way beyond where their vision was! But we actually did a complete UI. There is a service provider; they're not like Google or Sony. They don't have engineers creating UIs so, they were very interested in taking the UI we had developed as part of the total experience architecture. They'll actually bring that to market.

It's interesting to note that Intel is perhaps a lot stronger player in this new relationship between Google, Sony, Logitech and Intel than first expected - and it appears that their future TV vision has had great influence in the marriage. That's great if it hits. It sucks if Google TV vortexes down the crapper and ends up alongside WebTV, Apple TV and the rest of the tepid attempts at media convergence in the living room. But I for one, don't think it will fail. And reading into Intel's take on it more, it seems the recent wedding of Google, Intel and various other partners will do what no one has been able to do.


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