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Nancy Hart Inventor/CEO Patient Scrubs

A Prescription for Dignity

Innovative garment inspired by and developed in honor of late Police officer.

On April 21, 2003 Robert Hart was admitted to the hospital for cardiac and carotid artery surgery. For two months his wife, Nancy and his daughter Jenifer slept in the hospital to be by his side. Nancy was extensively involved in his care throughout Robert’s stay in all four of the medical facilities where he was treated. While observing the medical staff and patients, Nancy noticed a need to improve medical apparel. Patient Scrubs were created to meet this need during the seven months Robert was in the hospital. He wore the first hand-stitched prototypes of Patient Scrubs. In the five years since his death, Patient Scrubs have been refined, tested, adjusted and are now available.

Robert Hart was a loving and honorable man who devoted his life to his family, his country and his community. Throughout his life he was involved in the US Army Honor Guard, a Pallbearer for President Kennedy, was stationed at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers, was a police officer for 35 years and an active community leader. Robert was involved in Civil Air Patrol, the Sheriff's Youth Ranch and the D.A.R.E. program. In memory of his service and in his honor RLH, Jr. Inc. was established in his name, and was later moved to Tennessee. Stories of his dedication to helping people inspired his wife and daughter to do the same.

The final garment is the product of five years of development. During this time Patient Scrubs underwent a substantial redesign and development process. Nancy consulted with Robert’s primary care physician and cardiac surgeon to ensure the product would meet doctors’ needs when worn in a medical environment. These two doctors continue to be involved in the development of Patient Scrubs. She also sought input from a variety of nurses and other medical practitioners, from ICU and CCU nurses to respiratory and physical therapists for the same purpose. This was done to make certain Patient Scrubs would not interfere with the important work of medical staff, while making their jobs a little easier. In addition to these consultations, Nancy took a job at a dry cleaning business to become more knowledgeable about the care and quality of different fabrics.

Patient Scrubs are made of a comfortable blend of cotton and polyester and contain no metal, so they can be worn during medical tests. This comfortable 2-piece set allows the wearer to have a sense of dignity in a variety of medical, rehabilitative settings or in public. Another aspect of Patient Scrubs is the peace-of-mind the garment enhances by providing this dignity and modesty. The front of the garment completely detaches from the back giving easy access to the body, and making it possible to change the garment by rolling a patient onto his or her side. The design of Patient Scrubs also makes accommodations for medical equipment including telemetry, heart monitors, stomach and chest tubes, catheters, etc., along with being compatible with incontinence products. Patient Scrubs are intended to be worn loosely and the plastic snaps are positioned in a manner that will not put the patient under any additional pressure while in a medical environment.

Although the product was developed to be primarily used in medical, home health care and other care environments, it can also be worn for a variety of additional uses. Most of the people who have worn Patient Scrubs in the Hospital continue wearing them once released as pajamas, and some have enjoyed them so much that they just wear the garment as normal clothes. Currently, Patient Scrubs are available as shorts and t-shirts in adult sizes. A children's line and long pants along with a specialty line for breast cancer patients are available to be custom-ordered

The first commercially produced sets of Patient Scrubs were not up-to-standard and have not been made widely available to the public. This is a testament to the commitment RLH, Jr. Inc. has to the quality of their product, its customers and to the good name of Robert Hart. These first sets have been worn in numerous hospitals and care facilities, sent to Iraq with a soldier, and donated in part to a variety charitable organizations including the American Cancer Society and an orphanage in Mexico. Plans are underway to donate the remaining sets within the next few months as well. A Patient Scrubs customer had this to say about the product,

“my father who was recovering from a broken neck was in a full body halo for nine months...Once we gave him your shirts, he was able to be dressed so much easier and he felt more confident when he needed to be out of the home.

Not only was the fabric extremely soft but the fasteners were easy to secure. Thank you again for all of your help...”

Patient Scrubs— a new level of function and dignity.

"The product introduced by Nancy Hart is very innovative as well as most satisfactory for the patient use. I have used her scrubs for my Cardiothoracic and Vascular patients. I have had total satisfaction and compliance by all the patients who used this product. My patients felt that they felt more comfortable using the scrubs as well as being more dignified due to complete physical privacy. I recommend the use of this product for your patients" Dr Harold Tabaie, Director and Surgeon at W Regional CTV Surgery Modesto, California Area.

RLH, Jr. Inc. is dedicated to dignity and works to deliver a garment that makes life a little easier by reducing stress on patients, nurses, doctors and other health care providers. A Tennessee corporation, RLH Jr. provides the convenience garment Patient Scrubs. The corporation was established to help people and is active in a variety of non-profit groups.

Nancy Hart can be contacted at (941) 730-5650 or

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