TechStars Boston debuts 10 new startups

Don Dodge · June 3, 2010 · Short URL:

From data analytics, crowdsourcing, sports stock market to interactive radio stations

techstars150widthcolor TechStars has now been operating for four years. According to results data that TechStars has published, six of the first twenty companies to go through the program have gone on to be acquired by larger companies, and about 70% of its companies have been funded and/or are now profitable.  Today, TechStars debuted 10 new startups from the second Boston class.
The teams presented on Tuesday to about 250 VCs and Angel investors for the first time. These companies are about three months old and have two or three founder employees. They are all pre-revenue, and are just starting to raise their seed-stage funding.

Just nine months ago, I attended the inaugural Boston TechStars demo day where companies such as oneforty and Localytics presented here. Since that time, TechStars has shifted the Boston program to operate in the spring instead of the summer.

image Mogotest is a front-end testing tool to help companies ensure that their Web sites render properly across various Web browsers and platforms. MogoTest can spider your Web site or test individual pages to help you spot browser inconsistencies. The company demoed a very easy to use comparison tool that visually puts two browsers side by side so you can quickly spot inconsistencies between various browsers. It works with all browsers and all platforms including Mobile browsers.

image Monkey Analytics enables mathematics and data analysis in the cloud by providing on-demand computing resources, analysis tools, and a socially driven marketplace for analysts, algorithms, and data. Today, complex math and data analysis is commonly done in applications such as Matlab and R. Monkey Analytics is bringing those sorts of analysis tools to a cloud based system so that it can be accessed by anyone from anywhere with scaling on demand.

image Marginize augments every page on the web with an independent space owned by the visitors where they can meet each other and interact freely. For example, you can see what people are saying about the Marginize web site here.  Marginize cleverly makes use of existing Twitter content about each page, and allows visitors to “check in” to the page and comment. The most active community member becomes the "curator" for that site, and other recently active users are shown after they check in, hinting at possible game dynamics to come in the future.

image Appswell is a mobile crowd sourcing system that allows people, companies, and brands to harness the wisdom of crowds.  Appswell as their own first client of the platform, with a crowd sourced contest for iPhone app ideas and has redeployed the platform to power Brightidea Mobile. Appswell is now working with interactive agencies to offer turnkey crowd sourcing solutions for brand advertising campaigns, which can be launched quickly and cost effectively.

image Loudcaster enables anyone to create interactive online radio stations quickly and easily. Their model is to sell Internet broadcasting tools to DJs and to generate revenue by aggregating their audiences and inserting advertising. Loudcaster has been running a stealthy limited beta, working with 100 DJ's, and there are 200 more waiting to use the product. The company plans to officially open to DJ's by June 30th.

image Sparkcloud introduces you to interesting people who are around you in real time. The company has several early applications to demonstrate how developers can leverage Sparkcloud to more easily create their own real-world social applications ranging from urban gaming to location based dating. SparkCloud will introduce you to 12 new people everyday based on profiles, preferences, and social data.

image StarStreet is a sports stock market that enables sports fans to make real money based on their skill of trading and their knowledge of sports. It works similar to the real stock market. You buy shares in a professional sports player. If the player does well the value of the stock theoretically goes up as more fans want to own that stock. You sell your shares and make money. As we know from the real stock market…you can also lose money.

image TutorialTab enables non-developers to add interactive help and systems that make web sites easier to learn. For example if you hover your cursor over a text input field it will pop up a text box that explains what you should enter in that field. TutorialTab lets web sites make hands-on tutorials to guide their users. They are currently pre-launch, but you can see a preview video on their site.

image UserMojo is an emotion analytics platform that measures the quality of user experience to help site owners understand not just what their users are doing, but also why they're doing it. The company records emotions from users via a simple feedback mechanism, and then allows customers to see heat maps of emotional response to various pages over time and to understand what's driving actual user behavior. When users hover over any area of a web page they are presented with emoticons that relate to how they feel about that content. The web site owner can see the results visually on the page.

image SocialSci helps academic and professional researchers source and survey participants for their scientific studies. Today, universities and researchers source study participants offline and they're overpaying to do so. SocialSci helps source them more efficiently online, and delivers the research studies to them through their own integrated surveying tools which are designed to be secure and private.  Currently, SocialSci is tracking over 5 million dollars being paid out by live research studies and is operating a private beta of their online research platform with several major universities. 

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