Google Mobile now available for iPad

Ronny Kerr · April 13, 2010 · Short URL:

iPad app is clone of iPhone, iPod Touch app, but Google says it will see improvements later

Google Mobile iPadGoogle has just announced that its Google Mobile iPhone app is now available on the iPad.

The app delivers pretty much anything you would want from a Google app.

Users can perform a search of ordinary Google results, Google Maps, Images, News, and Shopping without even typing a single key. Speaking queries in English (your accent can be American, British, Indian, or Australian), Mandarin Chinese, or Japanese, the user has practically hands-free access to Google search. The app automatically incorporates one's location, when applicable, without the user having to explicitly enter a location. Users can also search their phone's contacts, their own search history, or even the often-helpful Google Suggest.

Google Mobile also connects to all the most important Google services--Gmail, Calendar, Docs, etc.--making it a highly useful application for users who have their life splayed out across multiple Google tools. It is especially useful for users juggling multiple Google accounts.

Unfortunately for those who thought they'd be getting a new app spruced up to take advantage of the device's large screen, the Google Mobile app is at the moment merely a scaled-up version of the iPhone app. Everything looks and acts the same as it does on the iPhone.

Still, Google will be refining the app to put the iPad design to good use.

Google Mobile for iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch requires OS 3.0.

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