Layar returns to App Store

Chris Caceres · March 3, 2010 · Short URL:

After about two months of re-engineering, augmented reality browser returns to iPhone

Layar, an augmented reality mobile browser, on Wednesday announced its return to the App store.  

In case you don't know the full story, just a couple months ago, the Amsterdam-based company removed its product from the App store due to technical issues and a flood of complaints from its users.  Dirk Groten, CTO of Layar said, "We had issues already since the very first launch of the iPhone app. Unfortunately these issues were due to bad memory management decisions right from the start, something that we could not easily fix without completely re-engineering the app."

As of today, Layar has rebuilt and re-engineered its 'Reality Browser.'  The startup said its new engine makes the application, "light, stable and very quick," and "ready to handle all the current layers and it is a good base to realize all of our exciting future plans."  It also comes with language support for French, German, Dutch and Italian and other languages are soon to follow.  

Good thing the startup jumped on this quick - Layar also offers an augmented reality platform which it said now is being used by over 2000 organizations in 70 countries.  It could have been disastrous if the startup didn't get its iPhone platform back up and running this fast.  The company recently raised $3.4 million in funding from Prime Technology Ventures and Sunstone Capital.

Layar also seems to have a new stylish logo to represent its re-emergence in the App Store.  Let's not forget, Layar's platform also supports Android.


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