Tiger Woods' address draws 683K viewers

Chris Caceres · February 19, 2010 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/def

I guess people really weren't all that interested this morning...

If you were anywhere near the Internet in the past few days, you have to have known Tiger was to address the public this morning in regards to his scandals, or did you?

The press conference which ran this morning, was streamed all over the Web.  Sites including CNN, YouTube, Livestream, Hulu and Ustream all streamed Tiger's statement. 

The first to report on their numbers is Ustream, and the online video provider says its stream brought in 683,000 views, according to Mashable.  With all the media attention given into Tiger's incident, one would figure these numbers would be higher especially since the conference streamed during work hours when people are sitting at their computers.  

Although the rest of the numbers aren't in quite yet, you could say it's safe to assume, the stream drew in somewhere in the millions.  

Twitter's been all a buzz though.  Trendrr reported there were 93,000 tweets during the first hour of the speech.  Although the last tweet I read said something like, "WILL EVERYONE PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT TIGER!?"

Some comparisons based on data from Akamai, which runs reports on peak visitors of streams across the Web per minute:  

President Obama's inauguration drew in 5.4 million streams per minute at its peak

President Obama is victorious in presidential election drew in 8.5 million peak visitors per minute.

We'll see how Tiger's little speech compares up to the rest probably in upcoming days.

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