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Eco ethic economy

I believe that this structure of economy, society is unjust.
My Szekler ancestors had developed a social structure (Szekler village rule) and economic organization (coownership) and lived accordingly for centuries. At that time we had no orphans, left alone elders. The community had provided the housing and work, protection for it's members.
At this stage I had developed my company to 100 K Euro plus company. Now in the first stage I want to offer 30 % of it's value in coownership for to those who want to participate in this revolutionary project to resurect the Szekler organization of economy. I believe that this can be an answer the challanges of our time.
This 30 000 Euro I want to invest to open an other store in Sighisoara's medieval part to sell handcraftes ecologic gifts to tourists and to open a fitness center near our present gift shop in Targu Mures.
There are some principles to respect:
Noone can invest more than 6000 Euro to prevent gathering to much power. Even when we will extend the coownership in the next fase a basic principle will be that no one can own more than 10 %. Finally including us to.
Everybody, every coowner must work something, make something useful for the coownership.
The investment bond, coownership part can't be sold outside of the coownership without the permission consent of the other coowners.
The coowners will be organized, according to Szekler social structure in tenths led by a carporal elected from the members of the tenth. The corporal will coordinate, supervise the activity of the tenth. He can be dismissed according to Szekler meritocratic principle if the tenths members consider that he acts against the interest of the his tenth.
Minimum cowwnership fee is 100 Euro.
Join our eco social revolution. Lets build together the eco ethic economy

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