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Chris Caceres · January 27, 2010 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/d6b

Some of the top online and mobile destinations to keep in mind so you don't miss it tonight

There's a ton of buzz right now around Apple's big announcements, but let's not forget about Obama's State of the Union which is airing at 9 p.m. ET.  With the rise of online video consumption, there's no excuse to miss it.  Here's some of the major destinations you can catch the speech online and on your mobile devices.

YouTube - I wasn't sure whether to put Hulu or YouTube first on this list, but after checking out what both had to offer, YouTube seemed to deserve the top spot.  The video streaming giant, which is also home to many of the videos that come out of the White House, will without a doubt be streaming the speech.  In addition to streaming, YouTube will also be enabling viewers to submit questions to the President during and after the speech.  Obama will respond to the top voted questions in a live interview streamed from the White House on YouTube sometime next week.  YouTube suggests users submit their questions in video form so when presented to the president it will have more of an interview feel.  All of this this, including the speech will all be part of YouTube's CitizenTube Channel.

Hulu - The video sharing giant known for giving its users full length TV shows, will also be streaming the State of the Union.  If you feel like getting interactive and discussing with people during the speech, Hulu has built a Facebook app which includes a comment bar on the side.  Hulu said its stream would include the Republican response.  

Other online destination streaming Obama's address include Ustream which will be airing coverage from CBS News, CNN which will integrate Facebook for discussion, and last but definitely not least, the White House Website, which will integrate Facebook chatting as well.  

And if you're not home, but have an iPhone, be sure to download The White House iPhone application.  The app will provide live video streaming of the event and you can get it for free. 

These are just a few of the major places to check out the State of the Union...let's just hope the Web will hold be able to handle the masses of people blogging, tweeting, chatting, streaming and interacting with the online broadcast this evening.  

Image Source - NY Times

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