Wireless Health Care Rapidly Growing

Brian Prows · January 10, 2010 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/cf6

Brian Dolan - MobiHealthNews Podcast on MobileBeyond

By Brian Prows, MobileBeyond

One of the fastest growing markets is wireless health, which is contributing to lower health care costs, while making it easier for health providers and patients to share medical information via mobile and wireless devices.

Brian Dolan, editor of MobiHealthNews, and I recorded a podcast interview about wireless health technologies, trends and applications. In the podcast, Brian discusses:

  • Wireless biometric monitoring of patients with heart and other health conditions; in particular, CardioNet, a wireless health company that offers a take-home heart monitor
  • Medical applications available for the iPhone and other smartphones
  • Patient health information delivered via mobile phones
  • Consumer interest in using technology to monitor medical conditions
  • New consumer-centric health care models that are driving the future of mobile and wireless
  • The economic necessity in an age of baby boomers to control health care costs using technology
  • Wireless medical sensors that reduce health care costs and frequently deliver better health outcomes than hospital monitoring
  • Support by large health care providers, such as Kaiser and the Mayo Clinic, in the development of consumer information tools
  • Improving health data delivery to physicians and other caregivers making it easier to monitor and share patient health information
  • Mobile health for lower income patients

Listen to this eye-opening podcast interview with Brian Dolan about the evolving wireless health market.

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