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MXit's Herman Heunis in South Africa

Every minute of every day thousands of mobile users join mobile social networks and communities to interact using mobile phones. Not only Facebook, MySpace or Twitter. Mobile community services are fragmented. They serve dissimilar audiences. They're electronic beacons drawing people who flourish in wireless circles of influence and friendship. Here are 38 sites representing a broad range of interests.

Herman Heunis of MXit in South Africa

Herman Heunis, who runs MXit in South Africa, is one of the fastest growing mobile communities.  Heunis is an entrepreneur who has struggled in South Africa, Indonesia and other parts of the world to build successful mobile companies that cater to diverse interests and needs.

In South Africa alone, over six million people have joined MXit which adds 25,000 new users every day. While MXit in its earlier days catered to younger people (18-29), the company is now attracting older members who use MXit's chat rooms, text and other services to communicate in a country with few personal computers. The mobile phone, in most cases, is the only communication channel connecting users to the mobile Internet, friends and family.

I had an opportunity to interview Herman Heunis in August, 2009. In the podcast interview, you'll hear a compelling story of a man who has overcome many challenges to turn his vision into reality.

 Enjoy "Mobile Communications and Communities in South Africa: MXit’s Herman Heunis" on MobileBeyond.


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