gWallet delivers advanced social site metrics

Ronny Kerr · December 22, 2009 · Short URL:

Through social media metrics technology called gLTV, gWallet seeking to further empower publishers

gWalletgWallet, a virtual currency platform for social media sites, announced Tuesday morning the launch of gLTV, a tool that will allow publishers to monitor their measurement metrics to an even greater extent, with a new capability that measures "lifetime value of users" so that publishers can make more advantageous decisions in the future to guarantee an increase in value of user lifetimes.

Grown out of a need for a service to manage the rising flow of virtual currency, especially on social media sites, gWallet partners with brands on social gaming networks, virtual worlds, and mobile platforms to create an efficient place for the exchange of microtransactions.

By working through individual user usage and transaction history on a given brand's social media platform, gWallet's gLTV will be the first analytical tool of this kind, in that it focuses specifically on lifetime value per user.

“We plan to deliver gLTV to all of our social media publishers giving them info on relevant monetization metrics that is unlike any reporting that our competition can provide,” said Gurbaksh Chahal, CEO and founder of gWallet.

gWallet is doing its work in a space where advertising is changing every day. The fact that social media sites provide an avenue by which users can fully interact with advertisers and publishers, the possibilities for enhanced advertising techniques is even greater.

At the beginning of the month, gWallet announced the closing of a $10.5 million Series A round of fundraising, led by Adams Street Partners and Trinity Ventures, drastically boosting the company's total raised to $12.5 million. The funding will likely be used to expand the company's reach, in particular in regard to the new technology, gLTV, unveiled today.

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gWallet has built a next-generation ad platform that connects reputable advertising offers with consumers in social games and virtual worlds, while delivering higher conversions and revenue to publishers and developers.
Unlike the companies involved in “Scamville” recently, gWallet provides legit offers from top tier brands via its direct sales force. The company received $12.5 MM in funding from Trinity Ventures, Adams Street Partners and Stanford University.

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