imeem integrates into MySpace Music

Ronny Kerr · December 8, 2009 · Short URL:

MySpace finalizes acquisition of imeem, redirects all users to MySpace Music

Almost a month ago, news broke that MySpace Music had reached the final stages of its acquisition of imeem, a social media music service which allowed users to share, stream, and upload music and and music videos. For just under a million dollars in cash, MySpace Music acquired the assets, brand name, and, most importantly, the user base of imeem.

Already, trying to access imeem's Web site yields a redirect to a MySpace Music page welcoming previous imeem users to their new home.

Founded in 2003, imeem has built a global community 16-million strong. Users enjoyed the ability to upload content to the ad-supported service provided by imeem, which then provided the tools to embed the content all across the Web.

MySpace Music will likely be moving quickly to transfer imeem users favorite features to their new home, in order to retain that solid user base.

Though MySpace Music is already aiding the migration by forwarding users to the pages where they can find their favorite music, user-created playlists on imeem have not yet been transferred. In a blog post, MySpace CEO Owen Van Natta assures the iMeem community that MySpace developers are working quickly to complete the transition.

Van Natta says that previous imeem executives Dalton Caldwell (CEO), Brian Berg (CTO), Ali Aydar (COO), and David Wade (VP of Sales) have moved to the MySpace team to act as consultants during the transition process.

We have not yet been told whether imeem executives will be sticking around after the transition or what will happen to imeem's other employees.

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