MySpace adds Twitter syncing

Status updates can now be synced from Twitter to MySpace or vice-versa

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September 21, 2009
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In an attempt to keep its services fresh and up to date with Web trends, MySpace announced today the ability to sync with Twitter, the popular micro-blogging service.  

The new feature will work as a two-way updater between both services.  Sharon Nguyen, Senior Product Manager of MySpace said in a blog post, "Any U.S. user can opt-in to sync their status so that any update created on MySpace will appear in your Twitter feed and any Twitter feed update will appear within your MySpace status & mood."

To assure its users of concerns involving security and account credentials, MySpace said it is using open authentication technology, also known as OAuth.  OAuth enables both sites to share limited data while keeping personal information confidential.

When an update appears on Twitter from MySpace, a shortened URL link appears in hopes that users will click to MySpace in order to leave a comment.  Also, the Tweet says it came from MySpace, similar to how other Twitter clients function.  On the other end, when a user Tweets, their MySpace current status and mood will automatically be updated and a little Twitter "T" icon appears, indicating the update came from Twitter.

Earlier this month, comScore reported younger users in the 12-24 age range were Twitter's fastest growing audience.  This clearly one of the reasons MySpace has added Twitter syncing functionality, since the majority of its own users reside within the same age range.  Facebook, the insanely popular social networking site with 300 million users, allows for Twitter syncing via a Twitter application users can install.

Nguyen said MySpace would be adding other networks soon.

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