Twitter still number one place to tweet

Chris Caceres · August 20, 2009 · Short URL:

Recent study by RapLeaf finds users prefer to tweet from the official site

With all the third-party Twitter clients out there that make the tweeting experience so much cooler, you figure the actual Twitter site would barely get touched - not really.  Twitter, is still the number one source of tweets, according to recent findings by RapLeaf.  The social media research company conducted a study of the 20 most recent tweets from over 4 million Twitter users and found some interesting results.

According to the study, 65% of tweets came from the official site itself, Twitter.  The majority of users go to to speak their 140 character words of wisdom.

Following the website, RapLeaf found the second most popular client – mobile phone texting – only accounts for 1/10th as many tweets.  But, when combined with mobile Twitter apps, tweeting from a mobile device made up 20% of tweets.

Finally, behind text messaging comes the third party Twitter clients, like the one I use, and I'm sure you've heard of - TweetDeck.  TweetDeck is basically an application users can install on their machines which let you do all sorts of neat Twitter related things, like customizing your own page layouts and columns of searches or tweets you're interested in.  Compared to the actual Twitter site, I think TweetDeck makes the Twitter experience much more pleasant and effective.  

In all, the study found that third party Twitter clients have signficant long-tail distribution - top 5 clients account for 82% of tweets and the top 10 account for over 90% of tweets, while the other 1900 Twitter clients available seem to make barely a peep, wait, I mean tweet.

How do you tweet?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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