Apperian raises $1 million for iPhone apps

Ronny Kerr · July 31, 2009 · Short URL:

Team of Apple and Motorola employees to bring powerful enterprise solutions to iPhone

"It’s no longer a phone," reads the brief but grandiose message on Apperian’s so-far sparse home page. “It’s a true platform, caapperianpable of achieving the most robust commercial and enterprise solutions—powerful mobile applications that transform customer experience and let you tap into a new generation of consumers.”

Apperian announced today the closing of a $1 million Series A round of financing, led by venture capital network CommonAngels, a leading team of investors in Boston. Consisting of 75 private investors, CommonAngels ventures into over 50 sectors, financing companies like Carbonite, Permission TV, and Skyhook Wireless.

The latest addition to CommonAngels’ portfolio is Apperian, a Boston-based app developer bringing together a team of developers and strategists with prior experience at Motorola and Apple, meaning that we should expect them to bring loads of experience and fresh ideas to the table. Asserting that the iPhone is already revolutionizing the way business is done, the team believes that it will come up with mobile enterprise solutions as yet unseen on the App Store.

“Although Apple worked to build several initial iPhone Applications for its enterprise customers, the goal was to further the adoption of the iPhone platform within the enterprise and then step back to let the market build more apps,” said Chairman Vinit Nijhawan. And that's where Apperian comes in.

This fundraiser demonstrates that Apperian has a solid future ahead of itself. According to CommonAngels’ Web site, “For Series A rounds only, $1 from us typically leads to $2-3 from others,” on average. With a healthy round of investment kicking Apperian off, we eagerly await further announcements that reveal actual product specifications.

Apperian has not yet replied to an inquiry about further details.

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