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Video sharing site stepping up as single point to get your content across the Web

 While video sites like Joost have decided to stay away from ad supported business models,, a site used for distributing online video, has added a series of new partnerships and features which should increase its ad revenues.

New partnerships include YouTube, Vimeo, NBC Local Media New York and Roku.  

The YouTube deal is probably the most interesting of all the partnerships.  YouTube has agreed to allow to run its own ads within YouTube.  For content creators that are attempting to make money through, this can be seen as an extra source of revenue, after all, Blip currently offers show creators 50/50 in ad revenues.  By tapping into YouTube’s goliath audience, 1.2 billion streams per day, content creators could potentially increase their earnings.

At the moment, says shows hosted and distributed on its site reach more than 22 million viewers which total around 72 million video views per month.  It believes the expansion of its network will significantly increase these numbers.’s new partnerships are also in the trend of merging the Internet and television.  Although, focused solely in the New York area,’s deals with NBC Local Media New York and Roku will get some show creators on living room TV’s as they are set to air on WNBC’s, digital TV channel non-stop.   Also, by partnering with Roku, a digital video player for televisions, videos could be accessed directly through the box.

With all this added distribution, also decided to step up its dashboard.  A new partnership with TubeMogul allows users to track viewership of their shows second by second – basically being able to tell when viewers decided to tune out of a show, thus helping with improvement of content.  

“We believe that we’re building the next-generation television network. This is what a TV network looks like when it’s created in 2005 instead of 1945,” explained Mike Hudack, co-founder and CEO of
For content creators, it’s all about getting your videos seen everywhere.  With these new partnerships added to, basically with one simple upload, your videos can be consumed widely across the Web.

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