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Ronny Kerr · July 28, 2009 · Short URL:

Crowd-sourced marketplace makes valuable deal with The Hollywood Edge

YouTube is a highly successful video site because it hosts a wide variety of videos, from professional uploads to personally shot pieces. Twitter likewise provides a solid social media experience by bringing together high-profile professionals and ordinary people like you and me.

AudioMicroAudioMicro is now bringing YouTube and Twitter’s marriage of the professional with the amateur to the stock audio community.

Today, after teaming up with The Hollywood Edge, AudioMicro has added more than 55,000 sound effects to its already vast library, the Los Angeles-based startup announced today.

The site currently brings in revenue by charging about $1 per minute for sounds or $2 per minute for music. Subscription packages are also newly available, for users who know they’ll be needing new sounds regularly.

This partnership brings to AudioMicro a professional library that previously could only be accessed through large expensive packages. Sounds produced by Academy Award-winning studio Soundelux, which are also included in this massive addition, have been used in films like Kill Bill, Braveheart, and The Fast and the Furious.

Now much smaller filmmakers and studios can take advantage of the huge library from both Soundelux and The Hollywood Edge. AudioMicro anticipates the sounds to be widely appreciated by its members, who have already been using the site’s 150,000+ tracks for Web sites, films, animations, advertisements, presentations, and performances.

The site's database combines professional audio tracks, like these new additions, with user uploads.

The audio community site has been growing healthily since the closing of a Series A round of financing in October of last year. Both March and April of this year saw the addition of tens of thousands of sounds, while May saw the release of the Free AudioMicro Lite iPhone App. Just last month, the site upgraded its interface while bringing its stock sounds to the SlideRocket marketplace.

Adding over 50,000 tracks to its database means that AudioMicro is only increasing its value in the community of stock audio providers.

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