EveryZing brings universal search to Meredith

Ronny Kerr · July 20, 2009 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/978

Meredith Publishing’s 32 sites to receive advanced ezSEO search technology

EveryZingUniversal search solution provider EveryZing announced today that it will be partnering with Meredith Publishing, a leading publisher with stakes in 32 sites claiming 12 million unique visitors monthly.

EveryZing—a clever name for a company who wants to help users find “everything”—is a Woburn, MA-based startup that provides various digital media solutions that work together to help make all Web content searchable.

The core of EveryZing’s ezSEO and MediaCloud solutions is an advanced speech-to-text technology that indexes all words spoken in audio and video files hosted on a client’s servers. This natural language processing exponentially increases the number of tags on any given site, with the intention that such an increase in pointers will increase the power of search.

Pages with zero mention of a topic in either tags or page text, except in a video, will still return in search results with EveryZing’s technology. The company believes, and has demonstrated, that Web sites that enable its services will see a dramatic increase in discoverability across major search engines, social media networks, and even internally, on the client’s own sites.

This latest partnership means that EveryZing will be expanding its stakes, bringing its advanced universal search capabilities to the many online sites of Meredith Publishing.

Meredith magazines alone account for a circulation of about 30 million, products with titles related to home, health, family, and personal development. In an increasingly online world and economy, the online versions for each magazine—like BetterTV.com, BHG.com, Parents.com, and FitnessMagazine.com—have grown a priority for the company.

Meredith Publishing

As stated by Jeff Myers, Vice President/General Manager, Meredith Special Interest Media at Meredith, “Meredith has one of the largest and highest quality collections of content serving women’s passions and interests in their home, family and lifestyle.” Because of the company’s numerous publications, it is making a serious investment by placing its full trust in EveryZing to provide the best search enhancements possible.

EveryZing currently serves a respectable list of clientele, from NBC Universal to BobVila.com, and the latest expansion with the addition of Meredith Publishing’s sites secures the notion that universal search is the future of search.

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EveryZing is a media merchandising platform that helps content producers and web publishers dynamically increase the volume of consumable online multimedia content while simultaneously enhancing its monetary value. Utilizing our world class speech-to-text technology, EveryZing has the unrivaled ability to extract a full text output from audio and video files across the Web. EveryZing’s full-text indexing of multimedia content creates a new paradigm in the consumption of multimedia content online, aiding the discovery of content within major search engines across the web, bringing the multibillion dollar industry of contextual advertising to the world of multimedia, and for the first time enabling users to navigate within multimedia files using EveryZing’s patent-pending “snippet” navigation interface.