Google launches site for Web developers

Chris Caceres · June 24, 2009 · Short URL:

New site aimed at helping developers work as a community to "make the Web faster"

 When it comes to coding on the Web, you can achieve the same result in a number of ways.  But in the end, which one provides the quickest loading times?

“Let’s make the web faster,” says Google.  The Mountain View, Ca- based company has launched a new site focused on addressing this goal.

The new site,, will provide web developers with tutorials, tips and performance tools.  This launch comes along with the recent release of Google’s Page Speed, a tool which can analyze load times of Web pages.  

Google emphasizes the idea  of developers working together on better coding practices.  The company said it is, “excited to discuss what we've learned about Web performance with the Internet community. However, to optimize the speed of web applications and make browsing the Web as fast as turning the pages of a magazine, we need to work together as a community, to tackle some larger challenges that keep the Web slow and prevent it from delivering its full potential.”

I’m not exactly a Web developer myself, but the site has what seems to be a wealth of tutorials on CSS, optimizing JavaScript, Optimizing graphics, PHP performance tips, user experience advice, and many others.

And of course, access to all this information is free. 

Here’s a video Google published last night about the site.


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